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Sun, Mar 13


Allan Brownlie

Nature Breath Spring Equinox - Immersion (30 Days)

Breathing our way from Winter into Spring. Remembering ancient Earth-traditions. Connecting to the rhythms of Nature within us. Creating a Tribe.

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Nature Breath  Spring Equinox - Immersion (30 Days)
Nature Breath  Spring Equinox - Immersion (30 Days)

Time & Location

Mar 13, 2022, 12:00 PM – Apr 11, 2022, 12:00 PM

Allan Brownlie , Scotland, UK

About This Experience

Let's transition between the seasons together in an immersive experience in which we will connect to the energy in nature through breath, movement, cold exposure  Spring-Equinox ceremony, nature-connection, embodiment and so much more!

The days are getting longer and the seeds beneath the Earth are stirring as we are approaching the Spring Equinox. There are cycles and rhythms within nature that deeply inform us- they give framework and guidance for the cycles and rhythms within our own bodies. Our ancient ancestors knew how to tap into those energies in nature by honouring and celebrating important seasonal heights and transition points, also known as the 'Celtic 8-Fold year'.

In this Nature-Breath Spring Equinox Immersion we will learn how to flow with the current of the great river of the seasons, instead of struggling against it! We will support our bodies and souls at this time of the year through breathwork, movement, cold exposure, somatic tools, nature-connection, foraging, meditation, ceremony, inner inquiry and group sharing in order to transition from Winter into Spring.

Have you allowed yourself to sink into the stillness and slowness of Winter? What are the seeds that have been sown or that you want to sow coming out of the dark time of the year? What is deep inside of you that needs to be nourished in order to blossom fully in Spring?

The Spring Equinox is in between the Winter and Summer Solstice and is a point of balance and harmony during which the day and night are both of equal length. In Winter, everything in nature draws inwards, into the roots and this is a time for restoration, inner inquiry and reflection. The movement from Winter Solstice to Spring Equinox is a movement from the inner to the outer principle. Slowly the Sun returns, blossoms start to appear, seeds germinate, new life emerges.  During the Spring Equinox light and dark, active and receptive and conscious and unconscious are in harmony. In the same way we can balance these within ourselves to move us into new action and manifestation as we move into the active phase of the year. This is the ebb and flow of outer growth and fertility, of inner growth and regeneration. Tuning into this rhythm can not only change our relationship to the Earth, but also our relationship to our own bodies and how we balance our rational minds with intuition and body-wisdom. The breath is a powerful tool to guide us in our exploration of how to find balance within ourselves and what we want for ourselves and for the world in the unfolding year.

As humans we evolved in tribes and communities, an aspect which is missing much in our modern world. This work is much more powerful and rewarding within a Tribe that we will create during this immersion.

Instead of providing precise itineraries, we believe that just as in Nature, we want to allow for change and spontaneity and tailor this experience by tuning into the needs and wishes of our group. Here are some of the many things that will be core parts in this experience:

  • Breathwork: develop an intimate relationship with your breath, learn to use your breath to regulate your nervous system through various techniques and tools, adapt to your environment through breath, experience daily guided breathwork meditations
  • Breathing mechanics
  • Myofascial release
  • Sharing circles and community creation
  • Nature- connection exercises and fun games
  • Spring foraging & wild cooking
  • Celtic 8-Fold year
  • Guided journaling for deep inner inquiry
  • Connecting to the Elements and energy in nature, learning to transition from Winter to Spring
  • Circadian rhythm and regulating your own system
  • Intention setting and visualization techniques
  • Guided meditations
  • Spring- Equinox Ceremony
  • An optional solo Vision- Quest in nature with circle and support before and after
  • Cold water immersions
  • Hiking in shorts
  • Grounding techniques and barefoot walks
  • Option to learn wilderness skills such as fish skin tanning, cordage making from wild plants, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or inquiries about this event!

Facilitator Allam Brownlie

Other Instructors will be announced later on in the year.

Location to be announced Summer 2021.


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