Wim Hof Method UK

Allan Brownlie is a fully certified Wim Hof Method Instructor who runs workshops and retreats in Scotland and further afield.


The WIM HOF method is based on the principle of adapting to extreme temperatures and learning 

to survive in our natural environment. 


The method involves a series of techniques based around cold therapy, breathing and commitment,

which help to stimulate the physiological processes within our bodies and enable us to re-connect

with our inner power.

Find out more about upcoming events by clicking on the "News and Events" page and, for WHM Corporate & Team Building events, please download the following PDF  document to find out more.

Wim Hof Method UK

Below you can see some footage from one of Allan's Wim Hof Method retreats in Alladale, Scotland, which was shown on ITV (UK) during 2019.  For further reviews and testimonials, please feel free to visit the "Testimonials" page of the website.


Allan Brownlie

Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor

E-mail: allanbrownlie@hotmail.com

Phone: (+44) 07701 o33 286

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Allan Brownlie Wim Hof Method Scotland